Why stylists should consider Innovative Looks commission-based structure versus booth rental

Commission-based pay versus running your own business as a booth renter has been a somewhat controversial topic in our industry for some time now. Everyone has a strong opinion and, as far as I can tell, each and every one of them is right.


You see, everyone has their own set of forces driving the decisions they make. These are their motivating factors and include everything from experience level to personal commitments. For example, "I have a mortgage payment so I am motivated to make as much money as possible," or "My son has little league games I would like to attend so I am motivated to acquire a flexible schedule." Once someone determines their motivations, the next step is to evaluate the opportunities available to them and, let's be honest, perfect opportunities are not always easy to find.


This article isn't to sell you on why a commission-based salon is better than a booth rental situation, but rather to let stylists in and around Harris County know that a unique opportunity exists for them that should definitely be considered in regards to their career path. At Innovative Looks Hair Salon, we believe an opportunity exists that benefits not only those right out of beauty school but even more senior-level stylists...an opportunity that just might cause them to re-evaluate how they plan to accommodate their strongest motivations.

When considering your motivations, it's also a good idea to consider where your passions lie. Be honest with yourself!

  • Styling hair is your HOBBY if you occasionally do hair for family and friends in your kitchen.

  • Styling hair is your JOB if you show up at the salon and shuffle through your schedule, painstakingly eyeing the clock every ten minutes to see how many hours are left in the day. Perhaps you are simply waiting for a more interesting line of work to present itself?

  • Styling hair is your CAREER if you're satisfied doing hair because you see it as a means to larger goals of advancement, promotion, and prestige. Perhaps it is something you do because you have a knack for it?

  • Styling hair is your CALLING if you go to work excited and feel a sense of adrenaline when discussing what needs to be done that day. Perhaps you enjoy being part of a team, contributing and knowing that you are making a difference? Do you approach hair styling confident that you chose it, as opposed to it choosing you?

If doing hair is your Calling, or even if you've been more of a Career Stylist to this point, you owe it to yourself to keep an open mind to new opportunities. With this article we simply share an opportunity that our styling team has been extremely receptive to and we hope you will be to.

Jon Gonzales wrote a brilliant piece titled Booth Rental: Is it Right for You? In it he states, "Many people are going into booth rental without a clear understanding of its consequences."


I believe this is true. Let's be honest, the number one motivating factor for most people is surely money. The problem however, is that I think there are a number of stylists out there asking the wrong question. The question isn't, "How can I get the most money out of each client?" The question is, "How can I run a successful business?" A business has nothing to do with squeezing dollars out of guests.


A successful salon business is about building powerful relationships with each and every guest that will motivate them to visit you time and time again. For select clients, just coming to see you, knowing you're there for them, is enough. But the vast majority, they demand more. From the second they learn about your company and are inspired to walk in the door, to how they are treated by the entire team, to enjoying how the team works together, to experiencing your amazing talents due to the vast education you've had the opportunity to receive, to the loyalty programs, ample product supplies and so forth, guests ultimately make their buying decisions based on their feeling for a company's brand. A positive brand is challenging for any company to maintain when their entire staff works independently.


At Innovative Looks Hair Salon we empower our stylists, believing that each and every one of them IS their own brand, but make no mistake, guests will ultimately make their decisions based on the overall experience. Do you really want a station next to Josephine Clutter who discusses religion and politics near your guests all day in front of the floor-length mirror covered in pictures of her great aunt Ethel? Or would you rather be a part of an organization that has a high standard of professionalism and consistent set of standards?

Many small business owners get their start because they have a passion and talent for their craft. Lucky for our industry, rock star hairdressers are some of the most passionate people in the world! Unfortunately, many business owners (ie. booth renters) quickly realize they have less and less time for their craft. Before they know it they're consumed with inventory, taxes, maintaining their schedule, bills, marketing, the list goes on!


Good things happen when teams work together...such as new blowout bars!


Some of you may be thinking to yourselves, "Yes, you do need to be business savvy to maintain a professional salon presence that guests are eager to be a part of, but in addition to my cosmetology license I have a masters in business administration, am a marketing wiz and am an extremely organized person so I can effectively juggle all of those things and make time behind the chair to offer my clients an exceptional experience."


If that's you, great! But do you truly crave all that responsibility? Wouldn't you rather delegate some of that busy work?

Allow yourself to focus on what you are most passionate about, and you will excel in ways you had only ever dreamed of.

Allow yourself to focus on doing nothing but absolutely stunning hair and new doors will open that you may have never known existed.


Innovative Looks Hair Salon is owned by family members Judith Atang (Mother), Fon Atang (Dad) and myself, Joe Atang (Son). Only Judtih is an actual cosmetologist. Fon has years of experience in the Entrepreneurial/Construction industry and followed that up by becoming a certified Financial Advisor,  and I have a background in business marketing.


We are truly a team and when everyone, including our stylists, understand and enjoy their role, amazing things happen...such as providing our guests with exceptionally beautiful hair and a salon experience that keeps them coming back time and time again!

When you interview with Innovative Looks Hair Salon, not only are we looking for talented individuals who will fit in with the positive, supportive culture we've worked hard to create, but we appreciate that you are also interviewing us in search of the opportunity that will best accommodate the things in your personal life that motivate you.


For experienced stylists who are looking for a change, we will gladly work through the financial numbers with you so you'll be confident about your next career step. Ultimately however, we hope you are able to keep money motivations in perspective because, as I alluded to earlier, follow your heart and financial success will come. This is not to say you will sacrifice income at Innovative Looks in exchange for more job satisfaction, but rather by allowing yourself to relinquish some of your responsibilities so that you can truly focus on what you are most passionate about, Innovative Looks has the foundation in place to support you in achieving more than you have ever imagined!



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