Among Us Update

Like any true fan, I wouldn't miss this opportunity to give y'all the update, and share my excitement that today the new map releases in Among Us! The airship is coming to us today, and I already have plans this evening to get in some play time. While I'm excited about several aspects of this new map, the most exciting part is that you can choose your start room, and if you play the game then you know how it goes. There is always one task that every crewmate has, and you start the game, and everyone rushes to do that shared task first, or expose the imposter for not doing that task. It's an annoying thing to get voted off for especially since a stack kill at that point is easy to accomplish as every lines up to do keys right at the beginning, and I prefer not to fall victim to that.

Oooh, and the top hats! Love them! Among Us isn't a game I want to play all day every day for sure, but it is a game that I love to play in the evening after work with my friends, since we aren't seeing each other like we used to. It is a great party game for both in person playing, and for long distance get togethers, and that diversity is one of my favorite things about this game that has me coming back for more.

If you wanna create a party and play together drop me a comment below and we can get it done, an Innovative Looks Among Us party!


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