Curl Identification

An important part of any journey is to establish your baseline of yourself. Self discovery and education is a vital part of self-care. How do you know what you need to care for yourself, if you don't know anything about yourself?

So, we are sharing our favorite graphic breaking down the different types of curls. From an A2 to a C4 and everything in between your curls are unique. Most people don't have just one type either. Curl patterns throughout your hair can vary, and you can be a blend. While I have primarily straight hair I have some areas due to cowlicks that are A2 and some that are B3. So, knowing this information about my hair I know that I need to use good heat protection because I typically need to blow dry or flat iron my hair for it to be all similar and curls can be more delicate than straight hair. I also know that because my hair is a blend I can use products like MoroccanOil to help keep my hair hydrated, and it won't really be too heavy because I have a blended hair type that will soak up the oil, and love it.

Now it would be impossible to go through and break down every possibility of hair type, and curl pattern blend, but I will pass on this advice. Speak to your stylist. Determine your curl pattern blend, and make a plan to keep those curls strong, healthy, and full of life. Embrace your curls, and wear them with pride! Because you are unique, and you are beautiful.

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