Five Nights at Freddy's

Are you ready? Five Nights at Freddy's (FNaF) have been a beloved game in my household since the original FNaF. We've watched YouTuber's play through the game, we have played ourselves, and every new iteration has been great. Except the app, hated that... The first FNaF game was released on for Windows in 2014, and then was developed into app, and console games later on. Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria is the main stage for the games, and is a Chuck E. Cheese's type of situation with pizza, games, and singing animatronics. Using camers, and some other tools provided you are tasked with the job of watching over the place over night, and quickly come to learn that thse singing animatronics are not in rest-mode for the evening. New task? Survive the night. After the original 3 games te series did venture off into some other settings such as a boy's room/house, the sister location, and some other versions of the pizzeria.

While FNaF 4, and FNaF Sister Location were my two all time favorites of the game I also loved FNaF Pizzeria, and I'm looking forward to the new Security Breach game/ Scott Cawthorn has done an amazing job keeping the lure enthralling and full of life. So, even where the games may lack they have always made up for it in fascinating story lines, and hidden-gems.

At this point, me getting another FNaF game is inevitable. I feel like I have to continue to support, and play the games because they really haven't disappointed me yet. And, they even occasionally make me flip my phone through the air when a jump scare catches me off guard. But, I'm curious to know are y'all still excited for more FNaF? Is it a younger kids thing and not for us older folks now? Are you going to play Security Breach?

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