Friday Night Fright Review: Body Cam (2020)

I always hate writing reviews for scary movies that didn't really impress me simply because I love all horror films and even the ones I don't like I still watched the whole movie, and had a pretty good time. That being said, Body Cam (2020) is one of those movies. We ended up watching this movie because I really want to see Black and Blue (2019), and when my friend found this movie streaming on Amazon thought this was the movie I was referring to. Black and Blue (2019) is about an African-American female police officer who is trying to do the right thing, but because of her skin color and gender she struggles fitting in with the police, and because of her badge a hard time fitting in with the other African-Americans in her area and when things get tough she has to fight for her survival, and for truth and justice to prevail. Sounds like a great movie right? Well, Body Cam (2020) seems like one of those I'm gonna take your idea and twist it just enough to have my own movie situations. An African-American female police officer is trying to find justice for a co-worker and unravels a police-department secret that has supernatural consequences. Obviously not the same movie, and I realized it wasn't the same movie within a minute, but Black and Blue (2019) I have to pay extra for the Starz upgrade on Amazon to watch, and this one was already free at my current subscription level, so we watched it anyway.

Body Cam (2020) has a fascinating concept, and without giving away any spoilers, justice is served throughout this movie, and you just love to see it. But this is another of those painfully slow movies that definitely could have hit harder if it was 45 minutes long. By the time this movie was over I felt like it was 5 hours long, and I needed a nap. Which sucks so much because it was a great concept, and while it had some good jump scares could have been so, so creepy if they had utilized their time more wisely throughout.

You can stream Body Cam (2020) on Amazon, and on Hulu according to Google. I would rate it a 3 out of 5 skulls, using the Shudder rating method, and only lacking in rating because I feel like they could have done it in half the time and been so scary!



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