Friday Night Fright Review: Channel Zero (TV Series)

Channel Zero (TV Series) a SyFy Channel series is comprised of four seasons. All four seasons are individual stories, they do not connect/interlope but are stand-alone stories based on popular creepy pastas, and horror stories.

Season 1: Candle Cove came out in 2016, and followed the story of a man who believes a series of weird occurrences are connected to a TV series that haunted him as a child. This season in particular features creepy puppets, that still to this day gives me the heebie jeebies.

Season 2: No-End House came out in 2017, and follows a young woman as she goes through a haunted house with her friends, that doesn't turn out the way they expected. A mind bending turn of events around every single corner will leave you questioning not only every event in the season, but also your own life.

Season 3: Butcher's Block came out in 2018, follows a pair of sister's as they move to a city plagued by disappearance's and an interesting family that beckons them to join. This season is not for those with a weak stomach as it is one of the more gruesome and gory of the seasons, but keep in mind it was still a SyFy series, so we aren't jumping off any deep ends. From mental health issues to eating rotten meat the season is never lacking.

Season 4: The Dream Door also came out in 2018, follows a woman who has to come to terms with, some strange events she is causing and the even weirder ones she isn't. If you are like me, and have a fear of creepy clowns, and people that move in in-humane ways this season will have you hunched over in fear gripping your seat, and biting your nails. These is no escape.

As a lover of horror, I highly recommend this series for several reasons. 1. Who doesn't love a good creepy pasta? 2. Each season is separate so you don't have to commit to watching 4 seasons of this show to no what's going on, and get the full scope of the story. Just 6 episodes. 3. Each season has it's own brand of creepy that was unique! 5 out of 5 skulls, by the Shudder rating system. You can all four seasons of this show on Shudder, YouTube, or Sling TV.



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