Friday Night Fright Review: Creepshow (2019)

Are you ready for the Creepshow? Creepshow (2019) is a Shudder original series that came out as a continuation of the OG Creepshow (1982) and Creepshow 2 (1987). As a Stephen King lover I grew up watching the first two Creepshow movies, and I was thrilled when they brought in the new one here on Shudder. The new Creepshow (2019) is a series consisting of 6 episodes, each containing 2 short stories. My dad and I binge watched this season of shows together, and it was everything we had hoped for. It met all of our expectations, and it was great to see the creep on the screen again.

This week we have watched both the old movies, and we are currently rewatching the new series, with plans to watch both A Creepshow Animated Special (2020), and A Creepshow Holiday Special (2020), all in anticipation for Creepshow Season 2 (2021). It has been so much fun getting to not only rewatch the original series with my dad, but to also enjoy the new take on it, and share it with my family.

If you are looking for a creepy, fun series I highly recommend the new series. Each episode is roughly 40-45 minutes long, and has two stories in it... this means there is a built in intermission where you can grab a drink or snack if you hurry, or pause it cause it's a natural pause. 5 out of 5 skulls by the Shudder rating system, and you can of course find the new series on Shudder. Enjoy the Creepshow!



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