Friday Night Fright Review: Monster Party (2018)

Monster Party (2018) is a horror/thriller written and directed by Chris von Hoffman. Starring actors consist of people I don't personally know, but I'll admit I'm a fan of those horror films that are trying to be good, but miss the mark, and I tend to stray away from the purposefully bad horror films.

The film follows a group of young adults who are sophisticated burglars that take on a job as caterers in a mansion to get their in, and make their move. While it appears they are catering an AA/NA meeting they learn who the guests really are and things turn from bad to worse.

So in all honesty, I didn't even finish the movie. I won't give y'all an actual rating as that wouldn't be fair since I didn't complete it, but I will say I didn't finish the movie because the dialog was difficult to push through during the long-drawn out opening of this movie. It was cheesy, and so booooooooring. Which is weird, maybe I just wasn't in the right head space, but I couldn't get to it, and while I read through the plot afterwards, and I know now how the rest of the movie plays out I still haven't decided if I'm going to attempt to finish it. You can watch Monster Party (2018) on Shudder, Sling, and Amazon. And, if you do, or have, please leave me a comment and let me know if it is worth watching because I am on the fence!



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