Friday Night Fright Review: Sir Noface (2018)

Sir Noface (2018)... What to say. Well, I'll start with this. Sir Noface (2018) is a documentary regarding a paranormal discovery during the first ever sanctioned paranormal investigation to be sanctioned by the Australian government. Chad Chalek goes on a journey to prove that Craig Powell's discovery can not be busted, and is in fact definitive proof of the paranormal.

I watch a lot of this type of thing. Ghost hunting shows, documentaries, scary movies. I watch and enjoy them all. This documentary however, I will warn you is the most boring thing I've ever watched with just enough interesting information to keep me from turning it off as soon as I saw the footage in question. And, here's the thing in my personal opinion the video in question is definitely creepy, and no I can't say it's not real, but I will say I've seen so many videos and clips of creepy things, shout out to Nuke's Top 5 one of my favorite YouTube channel's and a great place to watch some amazing creepy videos, and this video isn't incredibly different from a lot of those videos I've seen on his channel. So, then my question becomes are all of those videos real? Or, is that proof that all of those videos are/could have been faked?

Haha, this post today isn't about the proof or lack thereof in the hunt for the paranormal, but just to say that it is a seemingly incredibly long documentary to show some footage, but I applaud the hunt for truth, even if I feel his hunt is a bit narrow sighted, and I will say that he explores some very interesting avenues to prove whether or not this video is definitive proof of the afterlife.

The only place I know of to watch it is on Amazon Prime Video, and I would rate it 2.5 out of 5 stars, with all 2.5 skulls, using the Shudder rating scale, coming from the footage itself, and really not any for the incredibly boring documentary that came with it.



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