Friday Night Fright Review: The Unholy (2021)

The Unholy (2021) is about a deaf and mute young woman who through prayer, and faith is miraculously cured. She then goes on to perform miracles, and heal others all in the name of Mary. Believing she was healed by the Virgin Mary herself she passionately goes on a journey to help, and heal those that need it, but is it actually the Virgin Mary she is praying to?

I just saw this movie last weekend, and I must say I was surprised at how much I liked it! It's a bit predictable, but it has an overwhelming creep factor. Maybe it was my exposure to religion as a kid that makes a lot of religious horror films so creepy to me, but to see so many people in the movie blindly believing that this was the Virgin Mary healing through Alice, the main character, was eerie.

I would rate this movie a 4 out of 5 skulls, using the Shudder rating method, and it is in theaters now! I do just also want to notate that a lot of the reviews for this movie on Google go on to talk about how they can't believe that they would portray the Virgin Mary in such a horrific way, and I am not Catholic, but I know about Mary and I will tell you they are absolutely not making a disgrace of the Virgin Mary. If you watch the full trailer even you would see that it is something else disguising itself as Mary, hence the poster saying "Be Careful Who You Pray To". Anyways, I believe theaters is the only place to see this movie right now, but y'all can correct me if I'm wrong. It was overall a pretty good watch, and I recommend you give it a watch if you are getting out of the house and looking for something to do.



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