How To Combat The Dryness, Color-Fading & Overall Frizziness That Our Hair Becomes

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Are you planning on going lighter, or just planning to rock your locks?

Everything we do impacts our hair. From coloring, to lightening, to styling, even just hanging out outside can be stressful for our hair! So, how do we combat the dryness, color-fading, and overall frizzy mess that our hair becomes?

Olaplex line is designed to repair broken bonds by reducing breakage and visibly strengthening hair, while improving its look and feel. It is an all encompassing line that begins with your color, lightener, or treatment at the shampoo bowl, and can be maintained in various ways all the way through at home until your next appointment.

Olaplex has 7 different Steps, and you can use them all for maximum benefits, or pick which ones match your lifestyle the best. For any lightened hair, or damaged hair we recommend starting with an in salon treatment.

This is Steps 1 & 2 in salon, and following up at home with #3. These are the treatments and will provide the maximum amount of repair, and protection for your hair.If you go swimming a lot, or use heat to style your hair regularly we recommend #6 and # 7 This is the cream leave in, and the oil. The cream leave in will provide protection from the elements, and keep the hair safe, while preventing frizz, and tangles, while #7 will add maximum shine, and has heat protection up to 450°.

For people who are more go with the flow, or looking to use all aspects of the line, the Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner, #4 & #5, are going to help with repairing some damage, while still reducing frizz, adding moisture, and giving your hair a soft and manageable finish.

This product is highly concentrated, so we recommend only using a nickel size amount, per wash. If you feel your hair isn't clean completely rinse your shampoo out, and repeat the process, but don't add more than a nickel size at a time.The month of March we are going to discuss ways to help maintain your balayaged hair, and how to protect your hair from the elements as you enjoy this warm weather.

If you have ideas, or questions about anything hair related please let us know below, and we may feature your question in an upcoming newsletter

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