How To Work In Your Hair Appointment When You Are Always On The Go

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

It happens every visit.

Your stylist and/or receptionist will begin the conversation about your next appointment in 6-weeks.

It may seem overwhelming to think about, or scary to even imagine your life in 6-weeks with every thing going on today, however we want to take a moment to talk about why we are so adamant about making that reservation for your next service.

One of the biggest reasons is we know you are busy!

And, we are too, but we also know that 6-weeks is the amount of time for your hair to get to that point that it flips out when it hits your shoulders, your bangs are in your eyes, and your hair seems relentlessly frizzy.

The same time this begins to happen you will realize you do not want to walk in to your meeting with your boss having to worry about a bad hair day.

So, in 6-weeks when we know this will inevitably occur, we want to be prepared!

We don't want your hair to have to be another place of stress. Plus, some self-care every 6-weeks could prevent that burn out from the office when things get hectic. And, when that day comes you know that you already have times set up with us, and you don't have to try to bribe your stylist with a Venti Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks to try to lure them into the salon early when they are already fully booked on Saturday.

Even though things get crazy, this is something that you won't have to worry about if you already have an appointment on the books.

Or even worse, the unthinkable, you call for an appointment and your stylist is on vacation, but you have a photo shoot scheduled with your family tomorrow and now you have to decide, do you just bear through it with a grown out hair cut, or do you see a new stylist?

And, what if you don't like them? Reserving your next appointment in advance gives you the peace of mind that your stylist will be there when you are going to need that touch up, and you don't have to worry about the what-ifs.

So, next time they ask, and hopefully they do, think to yourself - if I can work around this one appointment, is it easier than trying to work around my stylist's appointments last minute when I am desperate?

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