Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet came out in 2020 developed by Typhoon Studios and published by 505 games. It is a first person game where you are tasked to explore this planet for resources and you discover the possibility of intelligent life on the planet, beautiful vibrantly colored wildlife and plants.

This game now trending and increasing in popularity on Steam, is the game that got me through quarantine 2020. I am a huge fan of games such as Fallout and Outer Worlds, and this game is a similar game to those. You explore, discover new thigns, but this game has a uniquely campy side to it, that not even Outer Worlds can touch. The advertisements, the AI in your ship, the wild scientists you speak to all make it seem like they and Outer Worlds were competing for the limelight, but I love them both. My biggest complaint about Journey to Savage Planet is the lack of a useful map during the game, and I unfortunately have the navigation skills of someone lost in the woods, so on multiple occasions I had to do some weird things to try to figure out where I was and where exactly I was going. Overall though the over the top product commercials, and the beautiful wildlife and world made it for a visually appealing and amusing game the entire playthrough. If you enjoy exploring worlds, and some laughter I highly recommend this game. As a casual gamer, it took me about 2 weeks to finish the game in its entirety with some map help from friends. Since I played I've also learned that there is now a DLC called Hot Garbage, and I'm stoked. A replay of this game is definitely in the cards for me.

If you are interested in playing you can find the game on PS4, XBox, Steam, Switch, and in the Epic Games Store.

Journey to the Savage Planet:


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