Let's Talk About Maintenance

Updated: Jan 21

Before committing to any hair service whether Keratin Treatment, Color, Relaxer, Perm, or just a Haircut we always do our best to educate our guests on what the maintenance of that look is like. We don't do this to scare you off, or talk you into coming to the salon more often, but to make sure that you love your hair the entire time you have the look, and you know what it will take for you to keep that look salon-fresh and keep you loving your hair every step of the way. If you only want to come in to the salon every 6 months, a pixie-cut isn't for you unless you are okay with your hair growing out to a completely different cut, before getting it cut again. Here is a list of our recommended maintenance times for our most popular looks. Keep in mind that these times vary based on preference and you may find that you can't wait as long, or you can wait longer without the grow out process beginning to bother you.

Men's Cuts & Short Pixie Cuts - 3 Weeks

Medium Length Haircuts that fall at or above the shoulders - 5-6 Weeks

Long Haircuts - 8 Weeks

Keratin Treatments - 3 Months

Perms - 3 Months

Relaxer - 8 Weeks

Balayage - 12 Weeks*

Highlights (to the root) - 8 Weeks

All over Color/Bleach Out - 6 Weeks

Fashion Colors - 6 Weeks*

Glaze - 3-4 Weeks

*Important to note that these colors will need to be refreshed/reglazed every 3-4Weeks depending on the vibrancy of the color. This means that you will not have to relighten or retouch your roots everytime you get your glaze/fashion color refreshed.

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