New Pokemon Snap

Are you ready for New Pokemon Snap?!? If you are like me you remember playing this game when the original one was launched in 1999 - which for me means I probably didn't play until 2003 or so as we bought most of my games used. And, I won't lie I never really got into this game because being a kid and having a pokemon game that I just ride around and take pictures was boring to say the least, but as an adult who now knows how many easter eggs and hidden gems there were in the original game I am low-key excited about the launch of New Pokemon Snap. Seeing all the pokemon and getting to take their photos, and figure out how to trigger cool stuff to happen all seems like a good time to me. I won't pretend like this would replace regular pokemon games, but it will certainly hold me over for a while.

New Pokemon Snap releases April 30th, and I've already pre-ordered mine, so I bring up some nostalgic feelings of spending time at my grandma's house and being told to occupy myself while she would cook us dinner. A big part of my excitement too comes from pokemon go. Taking hilarious pictures of pokemon in my environment is great, but taking photos of them in their environment and being able to edit them, and turn them into memes, I just see unlimited potential for laughs here.

Will you be getting New Pokemon Snap? Let me know if you are, or if you played the old one!

Pokemon Snap 1999 Wikipedia:

New Pokemon Snap Wikipedia:

New Pokemon Snap:

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