Round Brush Styling 101

Have you mastered the round brush blow dry style? Why would you want to? What's the point? Why does my stylist always round brush my hair even if we flat iron or curl it afterwards?

We love round brush styling hair because it creates a long-lasting smooth style. Round brushing extends the life of your style, and makes touch ups the next day way simpler. If you are planning to flat iron or curl your hair we still recommend round brushing it first because the round brush will help us begin to shape the hair how we want it styled by adding more body, curl, or straight, smooth styles. The great thing bout finishing it like that is you avoid using excessive amounts of heat, and blow drying the hair, when using professional styling tools can help reduce heat damage because the blow dryer is less concentrated and direct heat being applied to the hair. And, even if you have to touch it up with the flat iron, or add curls you have a smooth base to start with, so you are able to achieve the look you are after in a shorter period of time, and using less heat.

Some tips to help you achieve the perfect look every time:

  1. Always blow dry your hair 80-90% of the way dry first using just a vent brush or paddle brush.

  2. section the hair into manageable sections, such as quadrants.

  3. Pick a section to start in and section that area into 2-4 small section spray each section with heat protectant before you clip them up.

  4. Use the appropriate size round brush to them blow dry the entire section (NOTE: use larger round brushes for smoothness and body, use smaller round brushes to add some curl. If your round brush is too large you won't be able to get the ends of your hair to shape correctly, keep in mind you want to be able to see the ends of your hair form to the shape of the brush, if they lay on it flat while the brush is at or near the roots, the brush is too large.)

  5. Continue until you have completed your whole head.

  6. Use a flat iron or curling iron to smooth out any awkward spots, and don't worry this happens to everyone! Especially if you have stubborn cowlicks that don't take directions well.

  7. Enjoy your hair, cause you look like a rockstar!

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