Subnautica was officially released in 2018 by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. I recently got the game for free from Playstation as part of their stay-home and social distance encouragement release, and I've really enjoyed the open world survival game. You crash land on the alien planet and have to build things and fight off all types of creatures to survive, all while discovering the mysteries of the planet, and rising to show them the hero you are.

I won't lie and say this is my favorite game ever, but I really enjoy watching my friends play more than I enjoy playing myself. This isn't because the game isn't great because it is, however I have an irrational fear of the water in games because I always feel so helpless in the water, and you just never know what might pop up. I have the same irrational fear when I swim in Farcry or in Fallout. Mirelurks have ruined me. One of the reasons I am excited to talk about this game is because Subnautica: Below Zero is being released in May, so now would be a great time to jump into the story, if you are interested in this so you can be familiar before the new game comes out. I don't know that i will be purchasing the new game, but I will be watching my friend play when they get the game because I do really enjoy the game. It is serene and very pretty, but my heart just couldn't take the pressure of underwater surprises.

Unknown Worlds:


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