The Real Reason We Collect Your Personal Information

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Whether a returning guest, or brand new, you may wonder why we have you set up a guest profile.

There are so many benefits to having an up to date profile with your salon. Some of the easy things to spot would be for keeping a records of your appointments, past and future, being able to refer back to your history or notes so we can ensure you are receiving consistent experiences with your stylist, and ensuring that we have contact information available to reach out to you to remind you of upcoming appointments, and to be able to check in with you after your visit.

Other things that our more in depth profile provides is the opportunity for each individual guest to voice their preferences during the appointment such as if they want to receive a hot towel treatment, if they would like that towel to be fragrance free, or oil-infused.

It also gives the client the opportunity to voice some more personal information that may be uncomfortable to state in the middle of a consultation, or visit.

All of our questions are simply designed to provide the best communication between you, our guest, and our staff so you can enjoy your appointment to the fullest.

This is not the only step of communication, simply the first.

Our Guest Profile:

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