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Updated: Apr 1

You may have heard, WE MADE A CHANGE! For years now we have been a L'Oreal Professionnel Salon. We used their Inoa color, their styling products, and took advantage of all of their options. However we recently made a change, and we are now a proud Oligo Professional Salon.

You may be thinking, "I loved the color, and products y'all used to carry," and we have good news for you. We did our homework before making this switch. Inoa was an oil based ammonia free permanent color line delivering high shine results with no itch, and reduced color staining, and the new Oligo Calura Creams offer all those great things Inoa did, plus it is PPD Free as well! And, we have found the colors last longer, and fade to prettier colors than their Inoa counterparts making your style last longer.

As far as the shampoos, and other styling products we have also fallen in love with their quality, and we know you will too, but just in case you try them, and just can't let your old loves go, don't worry! All of the products we carried in salon will still be available in our online store!

Need more reasons to love Oligo?

* All products are cruelty free and NEVER tested on animals

* All products are gluten free

* All products are PPD Free

*The Blacklight line is 100% vegan, sulfate free, paraben free, and salt free!

We know change is hard, but we promise we have done our due diligence to offer you color and products that we can stand behind, and we are proud to now be a Oligo Professional Salon. Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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