Nobody loves to have the discussion about how long a service takes, and how much it is going to cost because in reality getting your dream hair, usually, is a time consuming process and time is money. But, I wanted to take a minute to pull back the curtain for so many clients and stylists.

Please note that timings varies by salon, and stylists and these represent an average for the Willowbrook Houston area, not exact times.

Long Hair Cut: 60-75mins

Medium Length Cut: 45-60mins

Short Hair Cut: 45-60mins

Clipper Cut: 45mins

Haircuts include shampoo, but, & blow dry.

All Over Color Retouch: 2-2.5 Hrs

All Over Color Change staying same level of darkness, or going darker: 2-2.5 Hrs

All Over Color Change Going Lighter: 5-6 Hrs

Full Foil Highlights: 3.5-4 Hrs

Partial Foil Highlights: 3-3.5 Hrs

Full Balayage: 3.5-4 Hrs

Partial Balayage: 3-3.5 Hrs

Fashion Color: 4-6 Hrs

Color Correction: 5-6 Hrs

Lived in Blonde: 5-6Hrs for first session

Glaze: 30mins w/out blow dry

These times and prices are based upon a stylist's technique, skill, and the natural needs of the hair. All appointments include time for a consultation, the service, and a blow dry. Stylists don't charge this just to make money, or take their time just to spend quality time with you, but instead to make sure that you leave happy with your hair after every visit. In most cases as well, pricing is based upon time.

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