We Will Recover

Updated: Feb 25

Crazy weather is not new to Houston, but last week's crazy weather has put everyone into a whirlwind. We are so happy to see you've made it to the other side, and we are so sorry to hear about every single person who was harmed due to that storm, but we are Houston Strong. We are Texas Strong and we will always stand together to heal, recover and grow.

We are not here to talk politics, or get into why so many Texans were forced to endure the cold without power or water, but we are here to let you know that there are places to get help, and there are places where you can help your neighbor. So, we are attaching links to 3 locally owned businesses that helped the community when things got crazy here last week, and a link to places where you can help out, and a reminder that all these places that you can go to for help, you can also go to them for help. Stand with us, as we strive to bring some normalcy to our community and comfort to those who are hurting.

Where to Help and Get Help

KHOU: https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/texas/texas-winter-storm-how-to-help-texas-residents-during-power-outage/285-d2eab262-5d31-4a96-bb44-699ab896623e

CNN: https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/17/us/texas-winter-storm-how-to-help-iyw-trnd/index.html

Locally Owned Business That Have Stepped Up During This: Cypress Ace: https://www.cypressace.com/

Brother's Pizza: http://brotherspizzeriahouston.com/

And of course H-E-B and Mattress Mack have been looking out for Houstonians for a while, and they didn't disappoint this time either.

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