Why Professional Hair Care is Important

Professional Hair Care isn't like your over the counter products. These products are highly concentrated and have ingredients in them that will dive into the hair to solve issues going on within it. They have higher quality ingredients, more potent ingredients, and are typically specific to a certain need/desired outcome. We understand that purchasing professional hair care products can be expensive, and that is just another reason we want to make sure that when you invest into your hair, that you are doing so with purpose, and getting the products that will truly check all of your boxes for your hair needs, so you can look and feel your best about your hair.

Speaking to a hair care professional about which products would be best for your hair goals is just as important as making the switch to professional hair care vs over the counter products. Making sure that when you say you need moisture because your hair is dry and damaged that you know that protein isn't the best answer for you, but hydration and nourishment is what you need. Using something that will help prevent chemical damage or the right type of heat protectant are all factors that a hair care professional has been trained to look for, and make the best recommendation based on those needs, and helping you figure out the best combination of products is what we are best at. Why take years to figure out what your likes best on your own, when you can have a professional point you in the right direction, and have you on a regimen that you are satisfied with in a fraction of the time?

We know people often feel like when they leave a salon that their stylist just tried to "sell" them on every added treatment, and product to take home, but as professionals we don't ever want to pressure you into purchasing products. The goal will always be education first, so that you can understand why we believe so passionately that we are recommending is what will be the best thing to help you meet your hair needs. You wouldn't go to your doctor, and be upset when they prescribe you a medication, and that is all your hair care professional is doing. Prescribing hair care based no your needs and goals.

Side Note: We obviously can't speak for every hair stylist, and hair care company out there in the world, but we believe this should be the industry standard. Where hair care professionals help their client's meet their goals through education, compassion, and the highest quality products.

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