Updated: Nov 22, 2020

By now we know you've heard.

Our beloved Astros are in trouble with MLB and have had a spotlight shone right into their unmentionables.

So, what happened?

Astros have been punished for using technology to steal signs.

According to current MLB rules sign stealing is not against the rules of baseball, however using technology or binoculars to do so is.

History Of Sign Stealing

Let's take a look back at the history of stealing signs.

The Boston Red Sox using apple watches to relay signs and fined an undisclosed amount.

The Yankees using dugout phones to gather information, but MLB determined the yankees didn't get any useful information from the dugout phones, so there was no punishment or penance to be paid.

The interesting thing here, is they did determine it wasn't bad enough to reprimand, but it was bad enough to change completely change policy regarding dugout phones across the entire sport. The dugout phones are now only routed to the reply office, and are monitored lines so no one can ever use the dugout phone for that type of manipulation in the future.

The whole MLB community may be upset one way or another, but we want to be clear:

We are not the authority of baseball rulings, however we are on the receiving end of a situation that always seems to favor the big names.

Why is it the Yankees mess up and policies get changed? But, they were "good enough" it didn't help them win, as if they would have won even without inappropriate use of the dugout phone, and no true justice was served?

But, the Astros weren't good enough to have won the 2017 World Series without stealing the signs the way they did? Makes no sense.

Red Sox are still under investigation, so we will eagerly await the reprimands and justice to be served here.

Just to reiterate why we will always stand with our Astros.

Sign stealing itself isn't illegal. What is illegal is the use of mechanical devices, or other electronics to get the information.

So, while it may have been a bit easier for them to receive the information, they still could have legally obtained all the same information, and they likely would have.

Sign stealing is as old as baseball, that is why the teams all have their own signs, and they have decoy signs so they communicate with their team without the other teams finding out as easily. But, they often do.

We truly believe the Astros could have done this the old fashion way and still got the same results, and they shouldn't have used the devices to aid them.

The Astros are taking their punishment and will continue to grow and dominate in the baseball world, and I can almost guarantee they will continue to legally steal signs just as all of the other teams do, and will.This doesn't stop us from being #HoustonStrong

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