Winter is Coming! 5 Tips for Keeping your Curls Hydrated

Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, or anything in between we all know that the cool air tends to dry out hair, and put a damper on our hair vibes.

  1. Only wash your hair once a week. When you shower on days you don't wash, you can use a shower cap, or co-wash your hair. Co-washing is when you rinse your hair for 3-5 minutes with just water, then use a liberal amount of conditioner in your hair. This allows you too rinse out the oil, or product without stripping out too much of the moisture from your hair.

  2. After you shower add 2-3 pumps of hair oil, and mix it with a dollop of mousse, apply to your entire head of hair, and then comb your hair out.

  3. Use your towel to scrunch your hair. This means do not just rub your towel all over your head, but instead cover your hand with your towel, then scrunch your hair. This will prevent you from roughing up your cuticle and causing frizz, tangles, and allowing moisture to leave your hair. In cases of extreme dryness add an additional pump of oil to your hair, after you have thoroughly dried your hair.

  4. Avoid Using heat tools on your hair, and if you absolutely must, always use a heat protector.

  5. Re-wet your hair in the mornings, and repeat steps 2 & 3 to add in moisture daily, and keep your curls looking fresh every day.

These tips are specifically for coarse, curly hair, however if you find that this is too heavy for your hair type lessen the amount of product, and apply the product only from the mid-shaft to ends this prevents product build up near the scalp to avoid oily scalp, and prevent weighing down your hair.

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